Veterans Benefits

Ensuring elderly veterans receive all available Veterans benefits to secure financial support for long-term care costs.

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Led by VA accredited attorneys, Hemness Faller Elder Law specializes in securing Veterans Benefits Administration (VA) benefits for elderly veterans and their families. Our expertise ensures that our clients are able to access VA Aid & Attendance pension—providing crucial financial support for long-term care. With meticulous guidance, we navigate complex eligibility criteria, safeguarding assets and ensuring peace of mind.

Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Eligibility

The Veterans Benefits Administration offers a pension to certain veterans and their spouses, known as the VA Aid & Attendance pension. This income stream is based on the veteran’s service during designated war-time periods, regardless of service-related injuries. Eligibility criteria include medical need, asset tests, and income tests. We assist in understanding and meeting these criteria to access the pension, which provides vital financial assistance for eligible individuals and their families.

Veterans Benefits Assistance in the Tampa Bay Area

Hemness Faller Elder Law provides comprehensive assistance to obtain VA benefits for the elderly. Our team specializes in securing their VA pension, guiding clients through the intricate eligibility requirements.

Planning for Asset Protection

The team at Hemness Faller Elder Law can analyze individual circumstances to determine eligibility for VA benefits. Through comprehensive legal planning, we develop strategies to achieve benefits while protecting assets for future needs.

Attorneys may charge legal planning fees to assess eligibility for VA benefits and develop asset protection plans. However, no fees are permitted for assisting with claim preparation, presentation, and prosecution. We educate clients about available options and potential ramifications to ensure informed decision-making. Clients can confidently navigate complex benefit programs and secure their financial well-being to ensure optimal outcomes for veterans and their families.

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