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BREAKING NEWS: Medicare Rehabilitation Standards Updated

If you are 65 years or older, then you already know that Medicare is primary health insurance for many. Yet, there has been a recent, but long-awaited, development to help protect certain coverages. The Medicare Fact Sheet has been updated to reflect appropriate standards for Medicare rehabilitation and “plateauing” seniors. So what does this mean


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What is Medicare Part A and Is It Free?

Medicare is an immense government health insurance program currently supporting more than 55 million Americans. The program provides support in four main areas known as Parts A-D. These services include hospital care, medical services, Medicare Advantage, and prescription drug coverage, respectively.   Perhaps the most widely used, and taken for granted, aspect of Medicare is


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Let the Discussions Begin! Doctors get paid to discuss end-of-life care

Eleven years after the highly publicized Terri Schiavo case, the taboo surrounding conversations regarding death and end-of-life decisions is finally waning.  As Elder Law Attorneys, we frequently initiate end-of-life conversations with our clients in order to properly draft advanced directives, such as Living Wills and Health Care Surrogates. Until recently, health care professionals have either


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