Category: Elder Law

Five Tips to Help Out-of-Town Aging Parents During National Elder Law Month

Did you realize that May is National Elder Law Month? National Elder Law Month celebrates and focuses on our aging population and the help that Florida seniors need. This month encourages not only seniors, but communities across the nation and adult family members to get involved. How can you help the elders in your life?


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5 Warning Signs Your Parent May Have Memory Loss

Are you caring for your aging parent? Were you aware that the loss of memory may be a part of the aging process? Often, though, an aging senior will not inform his or her physician if he or she is experiencing memory issues. So, when caring for your aging parent, how do you know when


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Tips for Seniors to be Prepared for After a Hurricane Passes

As Floridians, we know hurricanes are massive storms marked by a rapidly rotating storm system with extremely strong winds. They contain a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rains and coastal storm surges. Sometimes, they’re as big as our state. With so much potential for danger, including falling trees and flying debris, it’s critically


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