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The 3 Most Important Tips You Need for Florida Medicaid Planning

As a healthy and active senior living in Florida have you thought about what would happen if you suddenly became incapacitated due to an accident, surgery or disease? Who would take care of you? If there was no one available how would you pay for long-term care? Is there any state program that could help,


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Evaluating the Danger of Making Holiday Gifts When It Comes to Florida Medicaid Planning

Do you have a list of loved ones that you want to give gifts of money to this holiday season? Are you aware that monetary gifts can impact Medicaid eligibility? In fact, in the next five years if you needed to apply for Medicaid did you know there could be significant consequences? If you answered


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Why a Prenuptial Agreement Does Not Matter to Medicaid Planning

A common question, which arises as couples conduct Medicaid planning is, when one spouse is placed in a nursing home, will the couple’s prenuptial agreement shelter the non-care receiving, community spouse’s assets? In a nutshell, the answer to this question is no, but the topic warrants further discussion. The state is not a party to


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