Vanessa S.

Thank you very much. You are very very good at what you do. We appreciate you more than you ever know.

– Vanessa S.

Donnie W.

Emma, we wouldn’t trade you for nothing in the world. You are great at what you do. We thank you very very much from the bottom of our of our heart. I gave your number to some people I know and need some help. About four people today should be getting a hold of you.

– Donnie W.

Laverne N.

I am so grateful to you, and your staff, for completing the documents necessary to transfer my property to my children. My mind is so much more at rest now. Thank you for your kindness and consideration to me, my family and friends and neighbors! How blessed to have you right here in Brandon!

– Laverne N.

Tom & Devon

Devon & I can not begin to thank you (Emma Hemness) enough for the time you spent speaking with us. You gave us much needed advise & support that we are moving the right direction in the decisions we have made as well as the ones we will be making. We are both very much in agreement that we will be working with you in the near future.

C. W.

It is with great sadness that I share with you my Mother passed away last Thursday. She battled Dementia for 5 years and lost her struggle peacefully.

On behalf of my Family, we want to thank you, Danielle and Emma for your
professionalism and kindness as you helped us navigate roads unfamiliar in the pursuit of
trying to find the best avenues of care for my Mother.

We are grateful to Hemness Faller Elder Law for all that you did, your number
will remain in our phones and files for future assistance.

With kind regards, -C. W.

Maria & Scott

On behalf of the Florida Military Family Special Needs Network, we would like to thank you for your participation in and support of this year’s Family Cafe Military Track. While it has been an interesting challenge switching to a virtual model this year, we greatly appreciate your patience and professionalism in working with us to adapt the format and support families.

Your session, Legal Information for Military Families with Special Needs, contributed immensely to this year’s event. Military families and providers gained a fund of knowledge about legislation, trusts and programs that support individuals with special needs. You presented comprehensive and complex information using clear and easily understandable language.

We look forward to continuing to work together in the future and hope to see you in person at next year’s Family Cafe!

Lina W.
My family has benefited from attorney Danielle Faller’s excellent service and deep knowledge in elder law in Florida. We have been working with Ms. Faller and Molly, the very helpful and responsive Office Manager, for over a year through several difficult situations. Ms. Faller has been clear and informative in her advice, flexible and responsive to changing events, and generous with her time. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs the expertise of an elder law attorney. – Lina W.
Kathy T.
After the sudden death of a family member the law office of Hemness Faller Elderlaw was recommended. We met with elderlaw attorney Ying “Laura” Gao. Laura was extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. She brought us peace and hope during a very challenging time. After our meeting she responded to additional questions promptly. We highly recommend her and we look forward to her helping us with future planning for other family members. If we could we would give her 10 stars. The office staff is wonderful. -Kathy T.
Howard W.
Great firm been helping my mom for many years. -Howard W.
Phil G.
I have been a client of the Law Office of Emma Hemness, P.A. for over 7 yrs. I am proud to write this review as they have helped me and my family through many things. Some easy and some not so easy. Everytime they say what they will do and get it done in a timely manor in the best interest of their client. I want to say thank you to everyone on staff that goes above and beyond with kindness. -Phil G.
Bridget D.
Very professional and caring. In formative on Elderly, Disabled children and others. -Bridget D.
Sabrina L.
I have been a client for over ten years and find their office to be great in their expertise. Ms. Hemness’s office was able to obtain legal guardianship of my father, assist me in all my legal matters, and ensure that my needs were handled in a timely manner. I feel very grateful that I have been able to provide for my father and that he receives the proper care in his elderly years. I highly recommend this law firm for elderly care. -Sabrina L.
Carol H.
I first met Emma Hemness when I was working as Senior Social Worker for Hillsborough County Aging Services. She was (and still is) an amazing resource and advocate for seniors. She would volunteer her time to come to support groups for caregivers and other events put on by the Department. I was so impressed I went on to use her as an elder law attorney for my own mother and for myself and my husband. Her knowledge of elder law is second to none. In addition, she, and everyone in her office, is caring, compassionate and responsive and her rates are very fair. -Carol H.
Blake-Leigh K.
Loved the atmosphere of the firm! The lawyers made me feel comfortable and they really had my best interest in mind. My experience with Emma and her team was so great I would not hesitate to work with them in the future. 10/10 recommend. -Blake-Leigh K.
Amy N.
I can’t say enough about our great experience at Hemness Law. Danielle worked with us over several weeks to make sure we fully understood all that was involved in the estate planning process. On signing day we worked with Jay. He explained everything in such a clear manner that we never once were confused about anything. In addition, the entire staff were polite and professional. We left feeling such an overwhelming amount of relief and confidence that our estate is in order and our family will be taken care of per our wishes. Thanks again, Hemness Law! -Amy N.
Audrey E.
Emma Hemness is an amazing attorney! I would recommend anyone in the Tampa Bay area (and beyond) who need excellent elder law representation to contact Hemness Law. Tampa seniors and their families are lucky their questions can be answered by attorneys who are the best in the nation. -Audrey E.
Richard H.
Danielle Faller from the office of Emma Hemness really helped my mother when she had to go on medicaid when she was in the rehab center because she had fallen and broke her leg my mother has since passed but will never forget the help we received from this great law firm. -Richard H.
Michael C.
Super team. Essential help on elderly matters. Thank you all. -Michael C.
Dorothy B.
People very knowledgeable for elders -Dorothy B.
Roger B.
I had reached out to Emma Hemness attorney for some information and advice on an article I had found online concerning SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST for Veterans Pension purposes. She was familiar with the article and could provide knowledgeable information which was pertinent for my situation and proved invaluable to me. I was surprised at her knowledge of Veterans pension and trusts usually associated with receiving VA benefits and we discussed other concerns I had and she really helped redirect me to areas that helped me solve my problems and come to some conclusions, saving me time and efforts. I would highly recommend her and her firm based on my experience with her in helping me solve my problems. Thank you Emma for your help……Roger in Deland, Fl. -Roger B.
Don M.
I am very pleased with the advise and service that I have received regarding my current situation with my wife’s illness. I feel very comfortable and have the upmost confidence in my contact at your Law Firm. -Don M.
Michele M.
I received excellent service at the Law Office of Emma Hemness.. All of my questions were answered and I got the information I needed to take care of my business. I highly recommend this office. -Michele M.
Amy N.
The attorneys and staff at Hemness Law are literally the best in the business. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and treat clients with dignity and respect. Each interaction I’ve had with either Jay, Emma or Danielle has been positive and the staff always goes out of their way to make clients feel comfortable. They’ve worked hard to make an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting and to give each client the legal advice they need to make the best decisions about their future and the future of their families. I can’t recommend this firm enough! Thank you, Hemness Law for helping families when they need it the most! -Amy N.
Janice B.
I have known Emma Hemness as a colleague in healthcare for over 15 years. During this time Emma has been a tireless and passionate advocate in defending the rights of our elder population. Her commitment to the profession of elder law is proven in her career-long dedication in acquiring every opportunity for knowledge and education of the myriad of legal issues potentially affecting our seniors. Her body of knowledge and experience in elder care is nothing short of expansive.
So when the time came that I needed solid legal counsel concerning the care of my own father I went straight to Emma. As a caregiver for my Dad for 19 years, my own extensive healthcare experience was not enough to navigate the dizzying, frustrating and often maddening maze of laws, options and roadblocks to making the very best decisions for Dad and my family. I can’t say enough about Emma Hemness and her detailed knowledge, assistance and compassion during some of my most difficult and emotional struggles with being a caregiver. -Janice B.
Phyllis O.
I have just finished using the Law Office of Emma Hemness, PA for the third legal process that I needed. I can not say enough about this firm. I have dealt with all three attorneys and each process has been handled professionally. My family and I do not know what we would have done without this law firm. They literally have been a blessing. If you need any legal advice, or help getting legal issues done, please do not hesitate to use this firm. From the attorneys, down to the wonderful office personnel, I thank you. -Phyllis O.
Charlotte G.
I served as a Facilitator For the Alzheimer’s Association Florida Gulf Coast Chapter since 1986 and over time have invited several Elder Law Attorneys and then one of my Share & Care Leaders Jean Parker said that I had to ask Emma Hemness to speak to our group and I think that this was around 2001. Since Jean’s husband suffered from Alzheimer’s the two of us would attend many conferences to hear potential speakers. From the first time she spoke to our group if memory serves me correct I think that she drew the largest groups by word of mouth. But as a Facilitator I was still required to give out three names of attorneys and I have had others speak to our group but every year I pass out a survey and ask who they would like to have return as a speaker and overwhelming it was Emma for the pre needs and Jay if you did not make arrangements before it was too late and it was too late for the person that had some type of Dementia to understand what Emma was talking about. Personally I have had over the years caregivers tell everyone else in the group that Emma was the Best in this area. I would not take park in that discussion as not to say others were not just as good. I have personally had a very dear friend that did not have Dementia but she was taken to the hospital with a tummy ache as she would alway describe it. The Doctor operated on her and closed her up. She was totally eaten up with Cancer and there was no hope. Since I served on the Board of Directors for the Alzheimer’s Association FGCC with Emma I called her and they responded instantly and my friend passed the following day. That meant so much to us that were grieving. I had tried to get her Will and other paperwork done but it fell onto deaf ears. On one other note about the generosity of Emma and Jay, The Alzheimer’s Association covers 17 Counties so she offered us an office in the front of the office. I am also the President of the Hillsborough County S.A.L.T. Council and she has spoken to them several times. No matter when I have ever needed her or Jay to speak to a group, they always come through for me unless they are on vacation or at a Conference. I would suggest that the family that were upset about the way that they were treated must realize that Emma Must speak to the Mom as she would be the client and to determine if she would be able to sign the paperwork. As a caregiver for my parents I learned the hard way that because my father had Alzheimer’s and my mother was very ill, we still had to make arrangements for the attorney in the 80’s to meet face to face with both of them. I would suggest before you write of Emma I would call her office and ask for her assistant and then see if Emma was in the office and explain who you are and tell Emma what happened and I am more than sure she would help you in anyway possible. -Charlotte G.
Donna W.
Emma Hemness is an amazing attorney, as are all of the attorneys in her firm. As a fellow elder law and estate planning attorney in Virginia, I know the serious challenges elders face and what my clients need. I also know how an attorney in my field should treat them and know that respect, customer attention and compassion are first in Emma’s firm. When I make a referral to the Tampa Bay area, Hemness Law is always my first choice. -Donna W.
Paul W.
My brother-in-law in New Jersey, ex-CEO Fortune 1000 public company, has a special needs son and urged me to obtain a Special Needs Trust for my son with autism. I tried to use his atty but my living in Florida prevented her from assisting as she is only licensed in NJ. I asked for a referral and she strongly suggested Emma Hemness. Being a CPA, ex auditor, and investor with a complex portfolio I was not an easy customer……and I couldn’t have been treated with more professionalism and patience. I highly recommend Ms. Hemness and her firm. -Paul W.
Marilyn S.
I have been using this law office of Emma Hemness for over ten years now for different services. I am always treated with such kindness and professionalism. Emma and Danielle are experts when dealing with the elderly and their loved ones by helping to make difficult decisions easier. -Marilyn S.
Johanna R.
I attended the presentation at Focus Academy last week to get information for a possible Guardianship for my daughter. I was blown away by the fountain of information I got from Mr. Hemness. One that I needed. I thank you, Sir, for your wisdom in helping my Family and I. Looking forward to going through this process with your Firm, Thank you!!!! -Johanna R.
Marcella B.
Great law firm! Emma (Mrs. Hemness) and staff are wonderful. Some may say Jay (Mr. Hemness) is an a**hole, but sometimes you need that, and he’s the best one you can get! -Marcella B.
Fran G.
We found Mrs. Hemness to be extremely knowledgeable, very professional and concise in all of our elder legal matters. Would highly recommend her! -Fran G.
Kay W.
Yes, we love the law firm Hemness Law! We can sleep at night knowing that our wishes will be fulfilled. The staff is very friendly helpful and patient. -Kay W.
Natalie D.
I want to let you know how much we have appreciated you and your firm this past year. We could not have navigated through this system without you. Any time I speak to friends (or anyone in my path) dealing with a similar situation my first recommendation is to find an Elder Law Attorney to get help. I have recommended your firm many times. You have been on top of everything and have a caring attitude which helps tremendously. It’s such a stressful time in our lives to try and take care of our parents and you helped take some of the stress away. The good thing is my Mom is very settled in her memory unit and looks better than she has in some time. -Natalie D.
Tim B.
Emma and her associates are very professional. I refer clients and friends to her when they need a good and affordable attorney who specializes in Wills, Living Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, etc. -Tim B.