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Medicaid Planning Legal Advice Can Only Come From Attorneys

Anyone can file for Medicaid and receive benefits from the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). Part of what makes it so helpful is how accessible it can be. There are some who even dedicate their careers to helping others plan for Medicaid! But were you aware that non-attorneys cannot give legal advice for


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6 Signs to Watch Out For When Visiting Relatives During the Holidays

Are you planning to visit your relatives during the holidays?  What signs should you look for to be sure they are well? Are you hoping to discuss long-term care planning with them?  What exactly is long-term care planning?  The National Institute on Aging defines long-term care planning as steps to meet a person’s health or


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Florida Seniors Need to Consider Planning for Medicaid Earlier in Life

As a senior adult living in Florida, are you approaching retirement or are you already retired? Have you started thinking about possible long-term care needs and costs? Are you planning on using your Medicare coverage for everything you need? While most seniors believe that Medicare and the associated supplemental insurances will pay for long-term care


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