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Exposing Elder Exploitation: Unveiling the Culprits Behind Senior Financial Abuse

In our last blog, we discussed some of the penalties and consequences associated with those guilty of elder abuse and exploitation. But who are the primary perpetrators of elder abuse? And what are the signs to look for when exposing elder exploitation? Elder exploitation can be perpetrated by various individuals or groups. It’s important to


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Consequences of Elder Exploitation: Safeguarding Senior Rights

Do you know the consequences of elder exploitation under Florida Law? Under Florida law, elder abuse is a crime, and perpetrators can face criminal charges and penalties if convicted.  Florida has laws in place to protect elderly individuals from abuse and exploitation. The penalties for elder exploitation can vary depending on the specific circumstances of


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Ideas and Ways to Ensure Tampa Seniors are Safe from Sweetheart Scams

Are you a widowed senior who alway viewed Valentine’s Day as a wonderful opportunity to express love and affection to your spouse and family? Do you miss your spouse and family, especially on Valentine’s Day, because many have passed away or you are isolated? Unfortunately, in this day and age, online scammers use Valentine’s Day


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