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How To Best Provide For A Family Member With a Dementia Diagnosis

Has a senior loved one in your family recently been diagnosed with dementia? Even though family members are involved with your loved one, are you considered the primary caregiver? It is difficult to watch your loved one struggle with dementia and see the sadness, confusion and even anger he or she may experience.  How can


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How to Best Care For a Loved One with Dementia

Have you and your family noticed that your loved one keeps asking the same question repeatedly, forgetting appointments, or not remembering how to get to a home they have lived in for years? Did you make an appointment with your loved one’s physician to talk about this forgetfulness? Was your loved one diagnosed by his


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5 Warning Signs Your Parent May Have Memory Loss

Are you caring for your aging parent? Were you aware that the loss of memory may be a part of the aging process? Often, though, an aging senior will not inform his or her physician if he or she is experiencing memory issues. So, when caring for your aging parent, how do you know when


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