LEGAL-EASE: May is Elder Law Month

President Kennedy declared the month of May to be “Senior Citizens Month” to honor those who are 65 and older. President Jimmy Carter changed the name to be “Older Americans Month”. So it would be no surprise that the month of May became known as Elder Law Month. But what is “Elder Law” about? And how can an elder law attorney assist older Americans?

Here is a brief list of areas where a qualified Elder Law Attorney provides guidance:
• Incapacity planning, including financial powers of attorney and medical decision-making
• Estate planning, including management of assets during incapacity and avoiding probate after demise
• Long term care and how to pay for it, including protecting assets to prevent impoverishment
• Understanding the differences between Medicare and Medicaid, and how each pay for care
• Veterans Benefits for war-time veterans and their widows
• Court-ordered Guardianship of incapacitated persons and their property
• Elder abuse and financial exploitation, protecting from undue influence

If you are old, if you think you may get older someday, or if you know someone who is older, you should at least think about an elder law attorney. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our office if you have any questions!