Are You Caring For A Veteran At Home? You May Be Eligible to Receive Over $1000 Per Month

If you are caring for a Veteran, the Veterans Administration provides tax-free cash to help pay for the long term care of the Veteran. This pension benefit is available to individuals who served at least 1 day during a period of war. And, due to Alzheimers or dementia or other physical limitations brought on by the natural processes of aging, the Veteran is considered disabled.

This benefit is referred to as the “Aid and Attendance” pension. This benefit is not only available to Veterans. It is also available to widows (widowers) of wartime Veterans. And, to be eligible, the benefit is not dependent upon the Veteran having been injured during his/her military service.

The Aid & Attendance benefit provides cash to help pay for nursing home care and assisted living care. If certain conditions are met, costs of Independent Living may also be considered for payment. Finally, it pays toward care provided to Veterans in their own home. For those Veterans who are eligible, even you – as a family member caring for the Veteran — may be paid.

For a single Veteran, the 2017 monthly benefit amount may be as high as $1794. For a widow (widower) of a Veteran, the 2017 monthly benefit may be as high as $1153. For a married Veteran, the 2017 monthly benefit is $2127!

If you or someone you know is a Veteran receiving care in their home and could benefit from extra tax-free income, please let them know about this benefit. Because there are income levels and asset levels and disqualification periods which must be considered for eligibility, do not file an application without knowing that the Veteran or the Veteran’s Widow meets all criteria. Filing an application too early creates the potential for denial. Attorney Emma Hemness is an Accredited VA Attorney since 2008. She is uniquely qualified to perform a comprehensive eligibility analysis for the Veteran or the Veteran’s widow. Please call 813-661-5297 to schedule your eligibility analysis now! Or contact us here today.