3 Apps You Can Share with Your Senior Loved Ones to Help Them Feel Connected

Research tells us that increasingly more Older Americans are experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness. Unfortunately, many seniors do not have children or family members to lean on for support when this happens. If you notice your senior loved one may have these feelings, we encourage you to help them feel connected to friends, family members, and community groups. Luckily, the advancement of technology now allows us to connect with others from the comfort of our own homes! Take a look at a few ideas of apps you can share with your senior loved ones to help them feel connected.

1. Goodreads

If your senior loved one enjoys reading, Goodreads is a great app to share with them. Goodreads allows you to discover new books and share your favorites with others for free! Once you finish a book, you can write a brief explanation of what you did and did not like about it to help others looking for their new favorite book. Your senior loved one can interact with other users who may share similar taste in genres, and even create a virtual book club!

2. Skype

Video chatting is one of the best ways to not only talk to your senior loved one, but see that they are doing well. Skype is a free app that can be downloaded to mobile phones, tablets, and computers, and can allow you to check-in on your loved one at any time of day or night. Your senior loved one can also play games through the app, send photos, and text messages too!

3. Simple Social

Does your senior loved one have a social media account but becomes easily flustered trying to navigate through it? Simple Social is a free app that can help! This app allows your senior loved one to access their Facebook and Twitter accounts in a more senior friendly way. They can still browse their news feeds and interact with others in a more organized and simple way, all while saving battery power!

In this age of ever-evolving technology, staying connected can be a challenge for some seniors. These apps are just a few of the ways your senior loved one can remain in the loop and can help battle feelings of isolation and loneliness. If this article raised any questions for you or you would like more senior-friendly app suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our office to schedule a meeting.