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There are several kinds of guardianship in Florida, each designed to address the specific needs of a different kind of incapacity. Incapacity refers to an inability to effectively exercise one’s rights on one’s own behalf. Guardianship is the appointment of one person, called the “Guardian,” to exercise the rights of another person who is incapacitated, called the “Ward.”

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What is the difference between a guardian of the person and a guardian of the property?

Who can terminate a guardianship?

What is a guardianship?

When is a guardianship necessary?

What obligations and rights does a guardian have?

Who keeps track of what the guardian is doing?

What is a professional guardian?

What if someone filed a petition to appoint a guardian for me and I do not want a guardian appointed?

What are letters of guardianship?

What if I think that the guardian is doing something wrong?

How is a guardian appointed?

If a guardianship petition is filed, who has to know about it?

How long does guardianship last?

Are there advantages to a power of attorney over a guardianship?

Does the person over whom guardianship is sought have to know that a petition for guardianship?

Are guardianships for minor children different from guardianship for older persons?

Will having a power of attorney and health care proxy in place prevent the need for a guardianship?