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We like to define estate planning as having two basic components to it. First, there's the lifetime planning component to it, and then there is the after you've passed away component to it. There are specific documents that are only in effect while you are alive, during the lifetime planning component, which include very important documents such as a Florida durable power of attorney. Then, after you've passed away, there are certain other legal documents, such as a last will and testament or a revocable living trust, which are important for making sure that your estate is administered and that the assets go to the persons that you want to have it go to, and have the appropriate person in charge to make sure that, that is overseen and the directions that you have given are followed through on.

We’ve designed the questions in our Video FAQ page to start answering your questions. Don’t wait to learn from our expert team! Have questions for yourself or a loved one? Call us at 813-661-5297 or contact us through our website with your questions. We look forward to meeting you!

What is estate planning?

Why should I have a will?

Why should I consider creating a revocable living trust?

What is a revocable living trust?

Will the power of attorney expire?

What happens if you do not have a will or trust?

Would a revocable living trust provide protection for my assets?

Will having a power of attorney and health care proxy in place prevent the need for a guardianship?

Is it expensive to create a revocable living trust?

What does it mean to fund a trust?

Do I have to give anyone a copy of my will?

Who needs estate planning?

Will I still have control over my property if I have a revocable living trust?

What is a health care proxy?

What is a will?

Who administers trusts?

What is a living will?

What is an irrevocable trust?

What is a durable power of attorney?

If I have all my estate planning and long term care documents from another state, do I have to have them redone in Florida?

Why is it important to plan for same sex partners and domestic partners?

Once I have signed a durable power of attorney, can I change my mind?

Must third parties honor a power of attorney?

Should I add my family members name on my assets and avoid a will?

If I give someone power of attorney, do I forfeit my own rights to make decisions?

Does everybody have to worry about estate taxes?

How can an estate plan prevent a guardianship proceeding?

Do I need to appoint the same person as my agent in my health care power of attorney as power of attorney?

Do I need a will if I own almost nothing?

Do I have to be wealthy to set up a trust?

Can I name more than one person as agent?

Can I change my trust after it is established?

Does an agent have any responsibility to use his or her own money to support me?

Can a will be changed or revoked?

Do I need an attorney to make my will?