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Elder law is actually a relatively new area of law in which someone can actually focus their specialization.Elder law is a unique practice of law which is determined by the individuals it serves. If we are serving elderly or persons with disabilities, that is the law we are looking into in order to serve whatever their needs are. Now, there needs to be a distinction made between elder law attorneys and estate planning attorneys. An elder law attorney will do estate planning, but an estate planning attorney will not necessarily do elder law. It's important that you understand who to speak with in order to get the advice you need. In order to become an elder law expert in the state of Florida, you need to become board certified. There are only about 100 board-certified elder law attorneys in the entire state of Florida. These are individuals who have committed themselves to the practice of elder law, and have really shown a level of expertise, and it's only these individuals who can truly call themselves an elder law attorney.

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